5 reasons why you need a lifeplan

8 years ago, I created my first lifeplan. It was a concept that I’d heard of a few years before then but I managed to put it off before actually taking action. I may have procrastinated but I’m so glad I finally dedicated time to make it happen. This simple exercise has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve found to keep me focused on the right priorities and consistently moving forward. Continue reading “5 reasons why you need a lifeplan”

Manage the Backlog

Backlog – a list of work that needs to be completed

In it’s simplest form, a backlog is simply a bunch of tasks. It is the job of a product manager to organize and prioritize this list so that the tasks critical to each project rise to the top. This process is never-ending as new tasks are added and completed or irrelevant tasks are removed.

As a dad, you need a similar system in your life. There are a million time and task management tools available. It’s not really about the tool. It’s more about a few key mindsets and building good habits that allow you to get the most important things done consistently. Continue reading “Manage the Backlog”

Agile Dad

In 2013, I had the opportunity to join a startup in Atlanta. While I was excited about the project, I’d never participated in building a company from the ground up. They say if you want 10 years of experience in 3 years, go join a startup and it’s true. Those years were some of the most challenging and most rewarding. I got to participate in all aspects of the business and learned a ton in the process. Eventually I settled into the role of product manager.

Our team used Agile methodology to build products. Agile is simply defined as a framework for delivering products quickly and efficiently. Continue reading “Agile Dad”

The Days are Long…

“The days are long but the years are short.”

I’ve heard this statement from more than a few parents or grandparents that made it through the busy years of child raising and are now reflecting on how fast those years actually went by.

I certainly believe them when they say this. My oldest daughter is 10 which means if she leaves for college at 18 then we’re already past the halfway point of this season where she lives under our roof. Continue reading “The Days are Long…”

My Story – Family Crisis

On a cold morning in December, 2003, my phone ringing woke me up at 6:17 am. I rolled over to see that it was my mom calling and I knew that if she was calling that early in the morning, it wasn’t with good news. I reluctantly picked up the phone. My mom let me know that she had just received a phone call from the husband of the woman that my dad had been having an affair with for 5 years.

I still remember the feeling that the room and the entire world were turning upside down around me as a million questions began swirling in my head. Continue reading “My Story – Family Crisis”

My Story – New Orleans

Hannah and I got married in 2001 after we had been dating for 3 years. 3 weeks later, we packed up everything we owned in the smallest truck that Uhaul offered (we even had room to spare) and moved to New Orleans. I was both excited and scared. I still remember pulling out of the apartment complex I’d lived in and wondering if I’d made the right decision. Now, I wasn’t just making decisions for myself – my new wife was along for the ride and I had no guarantees this was going to work out. Continue reading “My Story – New Orleans”

Set the Tone

Today I want to remind you about an important aspect of fatherhood: You set the tone in your home. You do this naturally without even realizing it. Have you ever noticed how interactions change when you’re around? Just by your presence, the air changes when you enter the room. Take a moment to notice this phenomenon next time you come home from work or specifically go and spend time in your kid’s room. Continue reading “Set the Tone”

Change the World

“I want to change the world!”

How often do you hear this phrase? When was the last time you said it yourself? Maybe yesterday or maybe it’s been a while. It’s easy to get heads down in the day to day activities of work, marriage, parenting, hobbies and the latest must-watch series on Netflix. With all of the priorities fighting for your attention, it’s easy to fill your days with lots of small tasks that don’t feel all that significant. Instead of changing the world, sometimes you’re left asking the question, “Does what I do really even matter?” Continue reading “Change the World”